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How do I purchase Tickets to see Gentlemen Prestige?

The easiest way to purchase your Tickets is to contact the show venue directly. All shows will be detailed in the "Tour Dates" page.

How long does the show last for?

Each location can be slightly different, however, all of our shows last for around 2 hours with free Nightclub or After Show Party entry afterwards. All show and arrival times can be found right here on our website.


What time do we need to arrive at the show for?

This will depend on which location and show you’re going to, all of the information on arrival times etc can be found right here on our website. We ask that you strictly follow these times as they are set for a reason. Neither Gentlemen Prestige or the venues are liable if you do not arrive on time for the show.

What is the minimum age to see the Gentlemen Prestige Show?

Our show is for over 18s only and you will need to bring ID with you on the night even if you look over the age of 18. This is for age verification and security purposes.

What is the dress code for the show and club afterwards?

We allow fancy dress as our shows are all about having fun with your friends, however, please be aware that if you bring any giant inflatables or any other large objects with you these may be taken off you and stored until you leave the Venue. This is for health and safety purposes.

How much are the drinks in the club?

This can depend on each location and each Venue differs, the drinks prices are set by the Venue and not by us. We advise that you check with the venue directly if needed.

Can I smoke in the club?

Absolutely not as this is now against the law. All of our Venues have smoking areas so please use them.

Can we reserve a table at the show?

We only offer reserved tables at some of our shows as part of a package deal we offer, most of the seating at the show is theatre style to ensure everyone can see .

Can we pay for Tickets on the door?

Yes. Tickets can be purchased at the door but it is ill advised as tickets tend to sell out.

Do you use flashing lights and strobe lighting in the show?

Each of our Venues have different lighting rigs, some of which do have strobe lighting effects. We cannot guarantee that strobe lighting will not be used at the show so if you have epilepsy or are sensitive to flashing lights you must make us aware of this upon booking your Tickets.

Can we dance on the stage?

The stage is for the performers and show only, we ask that you refrain from trying to climb up onto the stage at anytime at all. This is for health and safety reasons, anybody caught trying to climb onto the stage may be asked to leave.

Can we touch the performers?

We do not allow the touching of performers without their consent, anybody caught trying to touch any of our performers without their consent will be ejected from the show immediately.

For all our rules, regulations and audience etiquette at our shows, please visit our Terms and Conditions page.

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